Rent Party (2010)

Official Selection, Valley of the Vapors Music Festival 2011
Official Selection, Offshoot Film Festival 2010
Audience Award Finalist, Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project 2010

January 1, 2011

Your roommate just spent the rent money, your weed is missing, and you just stumbled into a neighbor's garage. What do you do? For Hank, Geoff, and Penny, it's an easy choice... you throw a Rent Party!

Rent Party was originally produced as an entry for the Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project, and subsequently rereleased as a Director's Cut after some additional audio work was completed. Directorial debut of Scott McEntire.

Cast and Crew:
Hank-Michael Brown
Penny-Amy Pannell
Geoff-Ronald McDaniel II
Becky-Jaimee Nicole Jensen
Dave the Dork-Michael “Doc” Davis
Deputy-Leon Tidwell
Bathing Beauties-Kristie Pipes, Angela Trimberger Woods
Hairy Bald Guy-Christian Neil
Drunk Chick-Christina Harrison
Money Grubbing Thief-Scott McEntire

Director of Photography-Leon Tidwell
First Assistant Director/Script Supervisor-Kat Yares
Second Assistant Director-Kristie Pipes
Makeup and Hair-Stacy Newman
Production Coordinator-Jaimee Nicole Jensen
Production Assistant-Angela Trimberger Woods
Audio Engineer-Kevin Yares
Produced by-Chris N. Wilks
Edited by-Chris N. Wilks, Christina Harrison
Written by-Michael Brown, Amy Pannell, and Scott McEntire
Directed by-Scott McEntire
Special Thanks-Sid Cottrell

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